The country of the roundabout, "companion" kitchen with hearth

Borgo Vivo
and its paths
Section under construction

Welcome to the historical heart of Cison di Valmarino, where time stands still to tell fascinating stories through its paved alleys and ancient walls.

Borgo Vivo invites you to follow three different itineraries that, currently under construction, will each offer a unique glimpse into the rich historical fabric of our village.


Sightseeing itinerary to discover places and monuments as they are today, but above all as they were in the past. A journey back in time to get in touch with the ancient world that no longer exists today but still lives within the walls of the historic village.


Exhibition itinerary to experience the atmosphere of ‘Artigianato Vivo’ as part of the tour of the village, discovering materials and craftsmanship. In the historical centre of Cison there will be permanent exhibitions with works, images and information that will connect the visitor with the world of handicrafts and its protagonists.


Educational tour of the village and the ‘Ruralia’ museum of knowledge and memories. An educational itinerary that starts from the Antiche Case Marian of Cison di Valmarino and extends through the streets of the village to better understand the rural world, the craftsman of yesteryear and the complex life of past generations.

There is much more to see and experience