Soller, the village of houses exposed to the "sun"

A territory to be explored

A dense web of paths and stories

The embrace of the mountains and the flow of torrents accompany Cison di Valmarino and its thousand-year history. Enchanting villages and small hamlets, guardians of historical and nature itineraries, amidst thick forests and hillsides of vineyards.
Ancient alleys and courtyards join stone walls and stately façades in plays of timeless beauty. An atmosphere that continues along the Vie dell'acqua, a route through streams, forests and old mills to be discovered. The village hosts 'Artigianato Vivo', an event that, for more than 40 years, has seen the creativity of artisans from all over Italy accompanied by music, art and culture.
For centuries, wayfarers, merchants and pilgrims, travelling between the Dolomites and the Lagoon, have passed through the village of Tovena, making it a place full of legends, tales and stories. The centuries-old October fair has made gastronomic art an unmissable tradition, and today the streets and houses of the village, the Via degli Angeli, offer an open-air art gallery alive every day of the year.
On a crescent left by an ancient glacier, among trees, meadows and cultivated fields, stands Gai. The small village, of Longobard origin, is dominated by the unmistakable bell tower of the Church of San Michele. A hillock from which to admire the varied landscape of the valley and discover its surprising geology.
Mura is a network of narrow alleyways winding between houses, arches and small courtyards. Its simple and familiar dimension makes it the perfect place to host nativity scenes of all types, materials and sizes during the Christmas season. A village that takes the form of the nativity scene at all times of the year and with the colours of all seasons.
Silent and reserved, Soller jealously guards the small church of Santa Giustina, rebuilt in ancient times, as a sign of atonement, by a noble feudal lord. Wandering along trails and cycle paths, towards the lakes, Gai or the San Boldo Pass, one is surrounded by vegetation in an atmosphere of delightful peace.
Nestled in a natural amphitheatre, Rolle dominates the quiet, woods and vineyards of the Prosecco hills. It is the first village in Italy to be recognised as a FAI heritage site and has understood the biodiversity of its vines as a heritage to be handed down. Amidst poems and memories, landscapes and stories, it is an enchanting place to discover wash houses, monasteries and treasures hidden in the clay of an ancient sea.
The San Boldo Pass, with its fascinating cliffs, has always been traversed by men and animals. Famous for the Great War with its unforgettable and daring tunnels, built in 100 days; today it is a destination for mountain enthusiasts, for easy walks and more challenging hikes. From its peaks, the view extends 360 degrees from the Dolomites to Venice and the sea.
Prizes and Awards
From 2019
Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club
From 2019
UNESCO World Heritage Site Prosecco Hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene
Since 2013
Cison di Valmarino in the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy
Since 2004
Borgo di Rolle, first Italian village protected by FAI, Fondo per l'Ambiente Italiano

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