Casa Moretti and Palazzo Zambaldi: the twins of Piazza Roma

Tovena in Feast

October 2024


Centuries-old Frankish Fair and Celebration of Saints Simon and Judas

Tovena in Festa is, for the whole area, much more than just a festival. It is an event in which tradition is linked to a sense of community and where the celebrations of St. Simon and St. Jude are expressed in the valorisation of typical gastronomic specialities (in particular the famous ‘trippa alla tovenese’), conviviality and local culture. Recognised since 2022, on a national level, as a quality festival, the event has a proven identity with deep roots in the past. It does not fail, in synergy with associations and other entities, to always create new events, to promote culture, knowledge of the area and its riches – also by means of guided tours or dedicated excursions – with a special focus on sociality, involving the elderly and young people of the village.

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