CastelBrando: one of the oldest medieval castles in Europe

Trail of the Gevero

3 November 2024

Cison di Valmarino

Trail running in the Treviso Pre-Alps

The names of the paths and locations crossed by the Trail del Gevero are in the accounts of the most experienced hikers, they are landmarks for the most passionate walkers and among the most beautiful peaks in the Treviso Pre-Alps. Between the ruggedness of the rocks and the gentleness of the views, on the best days, it is possible to see the lagoon and the Dolomites together in a single glance. Three races are also confirmed for 2024. The 12 km race with an altitude difference of +600, which touches CastelBrando and then takes the path leading to the summit of San Gaetano and after several ups and downs re-enters the village, crossing the Vie dell’Acqua. The 21 km race with a difference in altitude of +1500, which takes the vertical of the Costa del Vent trail up to Crodon del Gevero, from here to Rifugio dei Loff and then back down from Malvidai to Cison. Finally, the toughest of the races, 41 km with an altitude difference of +2880, more complex not only in length but also in conformation, touching the most famous peaks, the very hard Troj for Roby, Mount Cimone (m. 1281), the highest peak of Col de Moi (m.1358), and then returning to Cison via the Loff Refuge.

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